Chapter 5 The entrance to school

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Entering School


Knight School Simurgh. 


It is located in the southern part of the Imperial Capital Simurgh, at the former palace where the Emperor once resided. Since the Emperor built a new palace in the east, the former palace is now used as a school.


As a result of successive generations of reconstruction, the school could boast of its vastness across the continent, second only to the imperial palace.


Aside from the Knight School, the Knight Order Office, the Laboratory of Imperial Court Magicians are also within.


Thus, these officials are the ones who teach the Knight School Students.


(―― Finally, I have arrived.)(Wynn)


Wynn stopped in front of the castle gate of the former royal palace and squinted at the towering structure.


While closed during wartime, it boasts its impregnability. While open during peacetime, it welcomes foreign dignitaries, as many people and carriages are seen coming and going.


Since today was the entrance ceremony, there were more carriages entering than exiting.

Many wagons displayed a family crest.

Many aristocratic children who were admitted from all over the empire gathered here that day.


If one looked closely at the surroundings, aside from all of the attendants that didn’t ride carriages, there was only one person walking there on foot: Wynn.


Wynn picks up the bag he gave Hannah and continues forward.

On his shoulder, Wynn carried a satchel that was worn out here and there (Hannah had bought it for him the day he set out).


It seemed that it was impossible for carriages to enter the gate.

The Knight School required that entrants be between ten and sixteen years old.

The boys and girls descended from their carriages and walked in the same direction. Their attendants carried their baggage, while they carried the splendid swords they had brought from their homes.They all walked in the same direction, towards the cathedral where the entrance ceremony would take place. Several tents were laid out, where several officials frantically tried to organize the children.


The weather was hot, and made people sweat a lot.


The children of the aristocrats and wealthy were not used to being kept waiting pushed forwards, creating chaos in the line.

In the first place, since many of them do not carry luggage but have their attendants carry it, the plaza was filled with people.


“Hey you, servants should go wait outside of the plaza for the moment, all right? ” (Official)


A middle-aged official called out to Wynn, who was standing confusedly among the remaining people.


“Huh? You have the entrance permit?”(Official)


He showed the letter which he had tucked away in his breast-pocket..

It proved that he had passed the entrance examination.

The day he received it, he had secretly gazed at it in his bed for three days, without sleeping..


“Yes, I will be attending the school this spring”(Wynn)


“Oh, I see, you entered it as an attendant of your master. Where is your master? HAs he finished all the formal procedures?”(Offcial)


“No, I’m alone. The procedure is not yet finished. “(Wynn)


The official is amazed by Wynn’s casual words.


“This is a surprise, Judging from your appearance, even though you don’t seem to the child of neither an aristocrat nor a rich person, you were still able to enter. ” (Official)


“Yes, well…”(Wynn)


Once, he had bought new clothes in a thrift store, but the bag was worn worn out.

With his clothes from a thrift shop, and an old sword at his waist, Wynn’s appearance stood out among all of the other people in the plaza.

Even if he mixes with the attendants, there is no sense of incongruity. In fact, the attendants may be better dressed than he is.


“Fumu, You’re Wynn Byrd?. Come with me.” (Official)


The official walks to the tent, and the clerk gives Wynn the key and the uniform.


“This is the key to your dormitory room and your uniform.  There is a locker room next to the cathedral.  You should change there..”


“Thank you for helping me.” (Wynn)


“Well, Luggage, and clothes taken off can be left here if you came alone. Bring the clothes you changed out of here.”




Bowing, Wynn walks toward the cathedral as instructed.

Wynn looked up to see the building, causing his neck to ache since it was so high, then went inside. There, inside was the locker room as he had been told.

Even if it was called a room, it could be considered a hall.


In the room, many people were already changing, and a few groups were chatting freely, probably due to mutual acquaintances.

In the corner of room, Wynn found an empty spot, threw down his bag, and began to change clothes..


“Hey, you commoner!”(???)


He was called by a voice with mocking tone, and when he turned around, there stood several boys.


(Are they the same age?)(Wynn)


Each of them were clothed in fine silken clothes and carried the new uniforms handed to them.


“Whom do you serve?”(???)


“No, I’m not a attendant”(Wynn)


“Is it so?, Then, vacate that area .  We will change clothes there. “(???)


The boy comes over and pushes Wynn aside.


“You’re in the way.”(???)


The spat out, while kicking aside the Wynn’s bag and sword.


“What are you doing?!”(Wynn)

He raised his voice, while recollecting his possessions.


“Bastard!” “How dare you show disrespect to Jade-sama!!”

The boy’s followers were angry, each brandishing a beautiful sword.


But –


“Hey, you all,”(Jade)

The boy called Jade raised his hand and restrained them.


“He is a commoner. We who are nobles should treat an uneducated, uncultured commoner tolerantly.” (Jade)


And he held out his hand to Wynn.


“I am sorry. It never occurred to me that were your belongings”(Jade)


Jade smiles while shaking hands with Wynn.

The face was smiling, but the eyes weren’t but were filled with arrogance, eyes accustomed to looking down on others..


“Why, I thought that there was garbage in such a place, in the Knight School Simurgh, No place plebeians like you could exist.”(Jade)


Saying this in a whisper, He wiped his hand with a silk handkerchief after letting go of Wynn’s hand and begins to change clothes..


Wynn tightened his lips, and after a while, began to change clothes again.

Seeing this, the people around them began to change clothes again.


“It is as expected the son of  General Clifdorf. To apologize to a commoner” “As the Heir of the Marquis House, Jade van Clifdorf-sama is different from us”


In the end, other people did not seem to hear the words that Jade muttered in a low voice. On the surface, it seemed that he apologized to Wynn and requested a handshake in an amicable manner.


As a result, Wynn managed to secure a place, he could not help but feel the chagrin.


“That was a disaster.”(Wynn)


After the entrance ceremony ended, having made no special plans, while Wynn walked to the dormitories, his shoulder was touched from rear.

The boy with short red hair was standing there.


“I am Locke, Locke Marine. nice to meet you”(TL: I dont know if is Rock or Locke, here I leave the name · ロ ッ ク マ リ ー ン)


“I am Wynn Byrd”


“After all, it was you.”(Locke)


(What do you mean, after all?)(Wynn)


“I heard that that was the name of my roommate.”(Locke)


“Huh? Do you know all of the freshmen here?” (Wynn)


“Nope, of course I don’t know all of them.” (Locke)

Locke said this while smiling, and walked beside Wynn.


“I come from a merchant family, so I have to attend various banquets, and as a result, I’m good with faces and names when I saw your name which I didn’t recognize, I immediately went looking and when I knew I had never seen your face, I immediately thought it was you.”(Locke)


Wynn and Locke started to walk together toward the bedroom.


“I see.”(Wynn)


“The guy who picked quarrel with you a while ago was the General Cliffdorf’s son. He is from an an excellent noble lineage, with title the Marquis. Did you also want to be a knight? Then, be careful not to earn their displeasure. “(Locke)


“Thank you, I will.”(Wynn)


However, Locke’s warning was in vain.


In the first battle simulation class ――


“Shit… Damn! ” (Jade)


The Battle Simulation class using a knight’s sword for training starts from the first day.

Jade grasps the sword, and he stood in front of Wynn.


For commoners as Wynn, It is general’s son and I who pulls his blood in a noble marquis family cannot be defeated.

To a shabby commoner, I who carries the noble blood of a Marquis House and is a general’s son, I can’t lose!)(Jade)


In history, military history and mathematics, even magic, Wynn’s grades weren’t good.

Unlike the other students who have learnt from their family tutors, Wynn self-studied by the books that Leti brought.

His basic academic skills were behind when compared to other students.

Furthermore, his magic power is also small.

Nobles perform marriages of convenience to strengthen their lineage and increase their magic power, resulting in stronger magic power than commoners.

Children of landowners and merchants are also inferior to the aristocrats in magic power.

however among the commoners, Wynn had less power magic.


(Therefore, I intend to thoroughly bully him who is a poor student.)(Jade)


He filled his sword with magic, strengthening the power and sharpness.


(I decided to let you know your place.)(Jade)






Wynn knocked him out in an instant

He picked up the sword again, thinking that he had simply let his guard down and took a stance.


It was a crushing defeat.


In addition, it was in front of other who students were watching.

After all, until the instructor informs the end of class, Jade was shot down nine times.


(Shit, Shit, Shit, I’m being defeated by a garbage)(Jade)


Jade had an expression of anger, such that neither the followers approached, staring the back of the commoner Wynn that put away the training sword that was used in the classroom.


(―― I won’t permit it!)(Jade)


There is light of dark abhorrence on Jade’s eyes.


(—Don’t think that you can get away with it!)(Jade)


And –


The annual year end apprentice knight selection test.

Victory in this selection test, status of associate knight is given or from Knight candidates if you can show off your superior combat technology.

That is, in spite of being a student could perform missions.

Conversely, when dropped, will come back next year.


“The winner is! – – – – -!! “


Wynn closed the eyes while hearing a voice of the delight of the opponent who won a game.


The examination is changed this year, last year was a magic competition, this year became a shin battle with the sword.

Wynn’s opponent was someone with skill in magic


Wynn magic that can use is low.

And, The magic that can use Wynn does not compare with that you can use the opponent, Barriers that he stretched also will been broken quickly, Test of the first year of Wynn got finished.


Wynn who falls full length and is vomiting a rough breath, Jade was watching from a distance with a dark look.

Jade’s Revenge was yet to come.




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